Nintendo Wii U

Little sister of the famous Wii, the Nintendo Wii U was released in late 2012 by offering an innovative controller to perfect the gaming experience. In addition to being compatible with Wii accessories, it offers a gamepad controller with a secon...

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...d screen touch to literally plunge into the heart of the action. In addition, it offers a full HD display to take full advantage of the colorful world of Nintendo. If your console encounters a few minor problems, whether it's a faulty touch, the lens that no longer plays games or dead pixels on the second screen, you'll find everything you need at! We offer high quality spare parts, tested by our technicians in France to ensure their perfect working condition, as well as practical accessories to protect and fully exploit all the capabilities of your console. Especially since performing the repair yourself, will usually cost you two to three times cheaper than calling a professional!

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