Xperia M2

With the Xperia M2, Sony follows the success of its big brother to continue the lineage with this mid-range model offering good features at affordable prices. It has a 4.8 "screen with a correct resolution of 960 x 540 for a clear and colorf...

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...ul display and a touch of the most responsive.It embeds a quad-processor S400 processor at 1.2 GHz for fluidity remarkable, allowing you to take full advantage of the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean interface and stay connected throughout the day, because its autonomy is perfect for nomads, to accompany you in all your activities that you can immortalize with his effective 8MP camera.

So if you can not live without your Xperia M2 and it begins to show signs of weaknesses, you have found a practical and economical solution by coming here! If its screen is scratched, the touch is no longer responding, the battery is no longer charging or the back side is broken, you will find all the spare parts you need and repair kits that allow you to do your own troubleshooting, which will be up to three times cheaper than going through the manufacturer service. You can also take a look at our accessories section to protect and enjoy your smartphone.

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