Wiko Sunset

The colorful design of the Wiko Sunset brings a breath of fresh air into your daily life, especially as its small size allows it to accompany you easily wherever you go. Its 4 "screen offers a clear navigation and responsive touch, to browse...

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... all your applications through the Android 4.4 KitKat interface Its dual SIM card allows you to stay connected wherever you are while enjoying the best rates.

So if he has seduced you and does not leave you, it is possible that the daily did not make him gifts. If its screen is scratched, broken, the touch is not responding or the battery is no longer charged, you have found a practical and economical solution at SOSav. Discover all our spare parts and repair kits allowing you to troubleshoot your Wiko yourself, which will be up to three times cheaper than going through a professional. Take advantage of all our accessories to make the most of your phone's capabilities.

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