Xbox 360 Slim

This slim version of Slim Xbox 360 is born in 2010 and follows the success of his big sister. Sold to more than 75 million copies in total (all versions), it displays more refined lines and compact dimensions with a black lacquered design. It inc...

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...ludes a larger hard drive of 250 GB, connects to Xbox Live WiFi and allows to use a new accessory that is Kinect, can replace the controller by our body! Always faithful to the job, she aligns many successful video games, which you may not be able to play if she has encountered a small problem ... A wayward optical reader, a broken lens, used handle rubbers, in short, what will prevent you from enjoying all your games. offers you quality accessories and spare parts, tested and approved by our technicians in France to guarantee their perfect working condition. You will have enough to give a second youth to your console without calling a professional. By taking a few minutes of your time, you will save up to three times the price of the intervention of a professional.

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