Already well established in the computer, Microsoft launched in 2001 the first Xbox followed by the Xbox 360 in 2005 which is very successful with large exclusive licenses that have conquered the most assiduous gamers, solo or multi-player with t...

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...he development of the Xbox Live platform. The Xbox One takes over at the end of 2013 for new adventures and even more advanced features .... If you do not want to ruin a repairer or even change console forgetting your old games, has the ideal solution for your: repair it yourself! You will find repair kits and Xbox spare parts of high quality, all tested and approved by our technicians in France to ensure their fully operational state. You will be able to put back your console for two or three times cheaper than the intervention of a professional with the satisfaction of work done yourself. So do not wait any longer to get started in Xbox Repair on the advice of our experts!

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