PlayStation 2

Succeeding the huge success of the PlayStation 1, the PlayStation 2 released in 2000 and is to this day, the best selling console in the world with more than 150 million copies. With a very large catalog of video games, also including a DVD playe...

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...r, just released at the time. So if you've spent hours playing with your favorite heroes, from Metal Gear Solid to Tekken to Grand Theft Auto or Need For Speed, do not give up on it for a little downtime. offers high quality accessories and spare parts, checked by our technicians in France to ensure their perfect working condition. You will not have to worry about the problems of reading your games because of a faulty reader, a worn lens or damaged joysticks. Troubleshooting that will be up to three times cheaper than hiring a professional, taking just minutes of your time and giving you the personal satisfaction of bringing your PS2 back to life.

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