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The Galaxy Note 4 is the new flagship of the Samsung fleet with breathtaking features, in addition to a stunning 5.7 "Super Amoled Quad HD screen, delivering a clear and precise display across a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, with a 2.7GH...

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...z quad-core processor, coupled with 3GB of RAM for unparalleled fluidity, a 16MP main camera with a front camera of 3, 7Mpx for shots always successful, in all circumstances Ultra connected, Note 4 retains this famous S-Pen pen for navigation always more pleasant.

So if your precious smartphone breaks down, the screen is broken, the touch is no longer responding, the battery is no longer charging, the SIM card is no longer recognized or the camera takes more blurry shots, no longer a problem! Sosav offers you a practical and economical solution through a selection of quality spare parts, selected by our technicians in France, as well as repair kits including parts and the necessary tools. You will also find quality accessories to enjoy all the features of your phone. In addition, you can consult our complete guides explaining all the maneuvers to perform to troubleshoot yourself, for two to three times cheaper than going through a professional.

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