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Appeared At the end of 2011, PS Vita marks a real turning point for Sony on its portable console. It takes an improved design of the PSP for an optimal grip by adding a touch screen to the LCD screen that offers an even more captivating gaming ex...

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...perience. It does not include a UMD player but supports NVG Card support, while also being able to download online games via WiFi, an existing 3G version as well. It also offers great interaction with the PS3 in particular. So if your trusty console never leaves you and encounters some daily problems, such as a faulty display or a touch that no longer responds, you will find what you need by exploring our spare parts, our repair kits or our quality accessories. What reassure your console without breaking the bank thanks to SoSav since in troubleshooting yourself, it will be two to three times cheaper than going through a professional.

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