PSP Street

In 2011, Sony launched its PSP Street with a more robust design and suitable for all ages, including the smallest. It has a 10.6 cm LCD screen with a UMD game player to immerse in the heart of the action alongside your favorite heroes. It has a s...

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...lot for Memory Stick Pro Duo to store your backups and multimedia content thus providing total entertainment. Its small price and addictive games have probably seduced you, so if it never leaves you, it may have encountered some problems ... If the screen is broken, that the keys do not respond or you can not connect any more. headphones, this is no longer a problem thanks to our quality spare parts, tested by our technicians in France. Also, check out our accessories and repair kits to get your handheld back in shape in minutes and two to three times cheaper than calling a professional, all thanks to SoSav.

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