At the end of 2009, Sony launched the PSP Go and differs from its big sister by its sliding screen of 3.8 ", revealing the keys to direct your characters.In fact, your games are dematerialized since it does not includes no UMD player but onl...

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...y a 16GB flash memory to store all your games.It is connected in Bluetooth and WiFi to download games and exclusive content.So if your handheld has a problem, be it a broken screen, unresponsive keys, a WiFi that does not connect or other, you have found the solution to restore it with these quality spare parts.You will also find repair kits and accessories for quality fully exploit all the capabilities of your console and protect it from the hazards of everyday life.A troubleshooting that will cost you two to three times cheaper than going through a professional, with satisfaction. personal statement to have refurbished your console yourself!

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