PSP 1000

Released in 2004, the Sony PSP 1000 offers incredible picture quality for a portable console, presenting a versatility that has won over millions of players. Connected in WiFi for networking, it is supported by strong titles that have made its su...

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...ccess, especially as it is possible to listen to music and watch videos. True multimedia interface in the pocket, offers today to bring a new youth by taking a few minutes of your time. If the screen is broken, the colors are bland, the shell is cracked or the buttons do not respond, you'll find everything you need to get it back on track. We offer high quality spare parts, tested and approved by our technicians in France to ensure their smooth operation. You will also find practical quality accessories to protect and enjoy all the features of your PSP. In addition, by opting for troubleshooting by yourself, you will save the intervention of a professional, which can come up to three times the price of the spare part alone.

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