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Even harder, better and stronger! The iPhone 6 Plus was released on the 19 of September 2014 and posed as the new face of Apple in the eyes of the aficionados. It also conquered a new audience thanks to its 5.5" screen. Its process...

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...or was twice as fast as the iPhone 5S. So if you were seduced from day One but the usual wear and tear has taken its toll, don’t panic! SOSav provides you with a practical and economic solution and our iPhone 6 Plus Spare parts. This means more quality to remedy a broken screen, defective buttons or anything else.

Whatever the breakdown you will find something to remedy it in our online shop. Our experts have been busy selecting the best iPhone 6 Plus spare parts to solve all the small issues of everyday’s life and offer a little makeover to your smartphone. We’ve also prepared some repair kits for an easier troubleshooting. They include all the items needed to disassemble your iPhone. You’ll find all the necessary iPhone 6 Plus spare parts with the right tools to carry out the operation.

You will also find iPhone 6 Plus accessories to protect your mobile from everyday hazards such as cases, protective film, etc. You’ll be able to enjoy all of its features again with a new charger, headphones or Bluetooth speakers and so on. Don’t forget to take a look at our free repair guides in order to have all the expert advice created by SOSav to safely take you through your DIY iPhone 6 Plus repair! A troubleshooting within everybody’s reach and which will divide up to three times the cost of the OEM after-sales service. The satisfaction of repairing your device yourself is included in the price!

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