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Released on the 19 of September 2014 the iPhone 6 was embodying the new flagship of Apple with its bigger screen reaching 4.7", an A8 processor twice faster and more and more features. You had to be seduced by its elegance and its ...

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...delicate curves. If it’s still the case, why don’t you take a look in this dedicated section? We’re sure you’ll find happiness through our iPhone 6 spare parts, our repair kits and our available accessories. Whatever the breakdown you will find all the spare parts your iPhone 6 needs to start a new life!

Our technicians have selected the best iPhone 6 spare parts on the market to allow you to repair your iPhone in the best possible conditions, from the screen to the battery through the chassis and the cameras. To make things easier, we've also put together very handy repair kits containing all the essentials to repair an iPhone 6. You will find the right tools to safely open and disassemble your iPhone without damage and our quality iPhone 6 spare parts. We’ve got you covered with screen, batteries or buttons. If you’d like to protect your iPhone 6 from further dangers, you'll also find an iPhone 6 Accessories section listing tempered glasses, cases, chargers or headphones.

You’d like to replace the broken screen? Your battery is no longer charging? You can’t connect to your Home network? The repair of an iPhone 6 will no longer hold any secrets for you thanks to the expert advice of the SOSav engineers. They have created free step-by-step repair guides for all to use. All the steps explained, commented and pictured for you to change your iPhone 6 screen in minutes! Or the battery. Or any other iPhone 6 spare part. In short, you take advantage of our know-how freely made available for you to refurbish your iPhone yourself and for a price two to three times cheaper than the classical repair service. Your iPhone 6 still holds value so don’t let it take dust because of a benign breakdown and fix it yourself.

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