Canon EOS 1000D (Rebel XS / Kiss F)

Easy to take in hand, the Canon EOS 1000D (Rebel XS / Kiss F) is appreciated by professionals as amateurs who will appreciate the pro features within the reach of all, to immortalize the landscapes of your holidays, the activities of the children...

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..., to realize portraits and illustrate your daily life in general. Released in 2008, this Digital SLR has a 10.1 Mpx APS-C CMOS sensor with a view possible by the optical viewfinder or the 6.3 cm LCD screen. It is equipped with a sensitivity range from 100 to 1600 ISO for good versatility and a high-performance burst mode capturing up to 3 frames per second. So if you have problems preventing you from enjoying your passion, dare to take things in hand, be it a broken screen, a shutter failed or capricious buttons. Here you will find quality spare parts, selected, checked and tested by our technicians in France to guarantee their perfect working condition. You will also find repair kits including these parts as well as the essential tools for disassembly, with an accessories section to fully exploit all the capabilities of your camera. Troubleshooting that will come to you two to three times cheaper than to go through a professional, so find your Canon EOS 1000D like new!

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