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For DIY gamers who are not afraid of small breakdowns, find our spare parts consoles to retype your Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo adored. A joystick that has dropped, can not play online with a faulty WiFi, a microphone that is silent or a screen ...

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...that is no longer touch? It's not a problem anymore! Whether you are a fan of portable or salon consoles, from Sony through Nintendo or Microsoft, we offer quality console parts, tested by our technicians and repair kits to repair the console itself, and what , cheaper ! You will not have to depend on the manufacturer to replace a defective part and enjoy a pleasure of games found to eliminate and flush out all your enemies.

Because yes, repair your console yourself is possible! You manage to overcome the riskiest adventures with your favorite characters, why not become a of the repair for a few hours? If you still hesitate to get started with PS4 or Xbox repair, you will be convinced by our repair guides! SOSav is not just a wide range of console parts at the best price, it is also the advice of experts through tutorials illustrated and commented. We explain how to change an HS player, a broken screen or a fan to prevent overheating of your console.

Through the heroes you play, you're used to saving the world, so why not get started on the IRL adventure ?! Because yes, repair his console instead of changing the least bobo is also a gesture for the planet. You do not participate in the creation of unnecessary e-waste and preserve the environment while continuing to play your favorite games. You also make huge savings when you buy a new console!

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