Prying & Opening Tools

Your smartphone or tablet has a problem and you have decided to repair it? This is a good initiative. Yet, you don't always know how to proceed to open your device once the screws have been removed. Here, you'll find a ...

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...great number of tools which will help you to make tricky operations easy and quick. Wether it is with the iSclack and its 2 suction cups to easily peel off the screen of your smartphone, with the iSesamo, essential to most disassemblies because of its fineness and resistance, or even with the heat gun to soften the glue and remove a screen more easily. In short, you have everything you need to do the repair yourself, without having to go to a professional. Keep in mind that these tools are carefully selected by our technicians for their sturdiness so you can reuse them on other occasions.

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