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Fan of the first hour or new in the world of the apple, what is certain is that you have in your possession an iPhone 12. it is part of the range of four iPhones of 2020. What sets it apart from the others ? Well it's simple, not much except that ...

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...it has a dual camera sensor and a slightly smaller battery. Equipped with an A14 Bionic chip, like all models in the range. It ranks among the most powerful smartphones on the market today. All these reasons surely make you adore your iPhone 12 and want it to last as long as possible? No worries SOSav is here for that! Indeed you can find all the spare parts to make your iPhone 12 repair. For this we also offer you detailed step by step guides made by a professional to guarantee you a perfect iPhone 12 repair. The iPhone 12 spare parts that we offer are of the best quality available on the market today. Our goal is to provide you with the best possible repairs, so quality parts are essential. That is why we select the best suppliers available on the market. Repairing your smartphone yourself is not rocket science, it allows you to avoid going through a professional and therefore save money and buy a new smartphone. But it also helps reduce electronic waste. So there are only advantages! Going from the sim drawer to the complete chassis, you will find all the iPhone 12 spare parts you need. And because prevention is better than cure, we also offer iPhone 12 accessories. You can find tempered glasses, cases, chargers.

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