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Apple stepped up with this iPhone 3G after the success and revolution of its elder. Released in 2008 it takes again a design similar to its big brother retaining the 3.5" touch screen for a pleasant and fluid navigation. It disting...

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...uished itself by its 3G antenna in addition to WiFi allowing to easily surf the web at any time unlike the EDGE of the first iPhone. It also introduced a wider choice of colors with white or black for the 8 or 16GB versions. More powerful it also built its success with a 2 Mpx camera.

If you have decided to revive your good old iPhone 3G instead of letting it gather dust at the bottom of a drawer just take a look at our section of high quality iPhone 3G spare parts selected by our engineers. You will be able to find new screens, batteries or functional home buttons at a lower cost by exploring our shop. Additionally you can choose our iPhone 3G repair kits including these parts as well as the tools needed for a good repair. Do not hesitate to consult our comprehensive free guides to take through every step you when dismantling and repairing your telephone. And finally take a look at our range of iPhone 3G Accessories to dress it, protect it and use its capacities to their full extent.

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