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SOSav : the spare parts specialist

Are you looking for a replacement screen for your broken iPhone? You’d like to repair your good ol’ Samsung Galaxy? Bring back to life your beloved PlayStation? Shop around our store to find a large choice of spare parts and fix your smartphone, tablet, game console, digital music player, etc. Our engineers (in France) pay the greatest attention to the quality of each part so they identically match the original ones. They are tested intensively to guarantee their perfect working condition. Thanks to SOSAV you will find everything you need to refurbish your broken device. From a cracked screen to the silent loudspeaker of a battery that doesn’t hold the charge anymore or a camera taking blurred pictures, you’ll be able to access a wide range of quality spare parts across many brands such as Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Sony, HTC, Wiko, Nintendo, Microsoft, etc… All of this just in one online marketplace!

You were thinking that your smartphone had given its last breath? Or that your old Mac would just gather dust on a shelf? Maybe you thought that your tablet would never work again? SOSAV proves you wrong! :) When manufacturers want you to go through their official after-sales channels, we provide you with an additional option: practical and money-saving, you can fix your devices yourself. They’ll get a second life and you can brag about your DIY technical skills!

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