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The best spare parts on the market

Spare parts market for smartphone and tablet is expanding, and as experts, we noticed that the production quality can highly vary from one supplier to another. That's why here at SOSav we've looked for the best spare parts on the market for years now, to meet all the requirements ! And to achieve that great quality, we sourced, tested and controlled all of them to select the best.

1. Spare parts sourcing

Our experience lead us to notice that the manufacturer's quality isn't the same on all spare parts. Sosav vocation is to always offers the best to their clients. That's why we are looking for perfection by being on the lookout for all electronics market worldwide. Sometimes, we find OEM parts, but they're not always available on most huge brands like Apple with the iPhone and iPad.

OEM manufacturers apply high prices which are made to discourage you so you'll go to the manufacturer's customer service. But we have the solution to all issues ! We stock up with high quality manufacturers and suppliers, spare parts that are all compatible and identical to original ones. The price-quality ratio is then unbeatable !

2. Spare sparts testing

Even if we drastically select our suppliers, this does not exclude the fact that we always control the spare parts ! We are never too careful. We test every screen, its pixels, its sensitivity, the batteries and their capacity… We control everything and make sure they're compatible.

When a part fails our test or does not match our quality criteria, we don't put it up for sale. If we notice that one of our supplier does not meet the requirements anymore, we stop working with him. Thanks to those tests the quality of our spare parts is flawless.

3. A complete eco-system

Here at SOSav, we offer more than just spare parts. We offer you a solution for a complete repair, from beginning to end throughout all the steps.

Our experts prepare complete guides which come with pictures and comments to help you along the intervention. The number of those guides keeps increasing and covers a wide range of smartphones, tablets, video game consoles brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Wiko or Nintendo. You have the opportunity to replace yourself the defective part and save up to three times the price than if you went to a professional repairer or the manufacturer's after sale service.

You'll also find tools made for professionals ! Resistant and precise, you'll not have trouble removing a component or lifting a touch screen ! Tools and tools kit are also available, ready to go, where the spare parts are included with the proper tools to solve a specific issue (to replace a screen, battery, buttons…) So if you don't know what tools to use, everything is gathered in those kits !

And for all questions you may have, you can also look on the forum. Maybe you'll find the answer to your question that another user had previously. And if not, ask your questions so that one of our technicians can give you a hand. You'll probably even help another user having the same issue as you !

A technician is always available either by email or phone to answer all your questions. Whether you don't know which parts to buy, an advise for the assembly or disassembly, or anything else, we'll always be ready to help you.

4. Returns

One of our spare parts does not work despite our test and control ? If you're having issue with a part, whether it's damaged or does not work, don't hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. All our spare parts have a one year guarantee. We commit to ship you a new product to correct that mistake and bring a smile back to your face.

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