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SOSav on France 5 : Daily news

Repairing yourself your smartphone, THE trend at the moment : prices two to three times less expensive than at a repair shop, an ecological stake. France 5 Daily News got interested in that subject. How do we approach the subject without talking about SOSav ?!

Broadcasted on October 22nd 2015

RTL : Websites that help you repair your electrical as well as your smartphones and tablets.

SOSAV sur C'est sur le net de RTL

SOSav website offers the same kind of services but for smartphones and tablets. It’s only about mechanical repairs. He thinks that if you have to use the soldering iron, this is too complicated. But 95% of common breakdowns can be fixed without any weld, for example, replacing the screen, battery or sim card tray on the iPhone. [...]"

Broadcasted on May 3rd 2015 in the column "RTL Innovation".

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SOSav finishes 1st on the Digital Challenges of 2014

The chamber of commerce and industry (CCI) of Seine-et-Marne and the economical agency of the Department, Seine-et-Marne Development (SMD), have organized on December 8th 2014, the 2nd Digital Challenges. Two years after the launch of the brand Digitall77, this contest aimed at rewarding three companies from Seine-et-Marne.[...]""

Published on December 16th 2014

MetroNews - Geek tips : repair yourself the broken screen of your iPhone

SOSAV sur MetroNews

TIPS – If the screen of your iPhone is broken, you don’t have to spend your whole salary on the replacement. With some elbow grease, you can do it yourself for little money. Metronews explains to you how. [...]"

Published on August 18th 2014

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RTL : SOSAV, the toolbox to repair your smartphone

SOSAV sur C'est sur le net de RTL

COLUMN - SOSAV offers thousands of tutorials which allows you to repair your electronic devices. You just dropped your phone, the screen broke and the guarantee isn’t covering the damaged ? You can bring it to a professional but it’ll be so expensive. Another solution is right here in front of you : SOSAV (contraction of SOS and SAV).[...]"

Broadcasted on June 24th in the column "C'est sur le net" on RTL

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Direct 8 : Miss Green introduces SOSav.

SOSAV sur Miss Green D8

During the tv show « Le Grand 8 " on Direct 8 (now C8), Miss Green introduces SOSav during her column.

Broadcasted on June 2nd 2014 4

01Net Magazine: I fixed my iPhone for 45 euros

sosav dans 01net

Plac! Bad noise. Those which predict the worst. The iPhone works the same way as jam on a slice a bread. It always falls on the wrong side. [...]"

Published on May 14th in the 01 Net n°797 (p.72-73)

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i>Télé : Mikaël Thomas is this week’s guest on the « Hebdo de l’Eco ".

Mikael Thomas, fondateur de Sosav sur i>Tele

On the Hebdo de l’Eco, Yani Khezzar received Mikaël Thomas, co founder of a website that offers for free, repair tutorials for smartphones, tablets and video game consoles. The website also sells spare parts and essential tools. ,[...]

Broadcasted on April 27th 2014

Système D : Practical guide, replacing an iPhone battery with a kit.

sosav sur systemeD

Nowadays, our smartphone is our best personal assistant. But when the battery dies, should we replace it or buy a new phone ? The answer is right in front of you with those ready-to-repair kits from [...]

Published on April 9th in the Système D n°819

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Capital : What is the worth of smartphones under 200 euros ?

sosav sur capital

Mikael Thomas invites you to give your smartphone or tablet a new youth for so little money. Screwdrivers, suction cups, tweezers, spudgers... in it’s strange ironmongery, Mikael Thomas possess a wide range of tools that more than one repairer will go green with envy ! His idea ? Fixing himself electronic devices from everyday life, to the point where it became his job.[...]

Broadcasted on February 24th 2014

01Net Magazine: Becoming the DIY whizz

sosav dans 01net

Mikael Thomas invites you to give your smartphone or tablet a new youth for so little money. Screwdrivers, suction cups, tweezers, spudgers... in it’s strange ironmongery, Mikael Thomas possess a wide range of tools that more than one repairer will go green with envy ! His idea ? Fixing himself electronic devices from everyday life, to the point where it became his job.[...]

Published on January 22nd in the 01 Net n°790 (p.26)

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Sept à Huit : Pieces of string

sosav sur sept à huit

Harry Roselmack introduces
Only after 2 years of use, Fanny’s phone isn’t covered by the manufacturer’s guarantee and lost its battery life. The latter cost 500 euros. Fanny’s phone worked really well, except that its battery does not hold the charge more than 2 hours. A little bit of internet, a few emails and calls, and her iPhone displays only a couple of battery percentage left. Fanny is a graphic designer and does not want to get rid off her phone to get it repaired. She looked for a solution on the internet to repair herself her phone, without leaving her couch.[...]

Broadcasted on January 19th 2014

Télématin : Laur@ du web : her startup

sosav sur télématin

Laur@ du web, introduces her new discovery, SoSav.
Repairing a smartphone at a repair shop can be very expensive, sometimes up to the phone’s price. In order to repair your phone for cheap money, a new start up appeared, the contraction of SOS and SAV, offers free tutorials explaining you how to replace certain parts on your phone (the screen, vibrator...), and this goes for all tablets and smartphones models. You save time by not going to a professional repairer. [...]

Broadcasted on October 2013

L'express / L'entreprise : Repairing yourself your smartphone

sosav dans l'express l'entreprise

The website offers spare parts and repair guides for high-tech devices. Perfect to give your smartphone or tablet a new youth for cheap money. Bothered with his broken iPhone, Mikael Thomas had an idea : starting a repair website for high-tech devices. « I did not have the money to call a professional and the few guides available on forums were only in english ", recalls the young DUT holder in companies management who also has an e-commerce bachelor degree. [...]

Published on October 2nd 2013

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Today’s start-up : SoSav, guides to repair high-tech products yourselfe

sosav et frenchweb

Thanks to guides online, SOSav enables to repair your smartphone, tablet, yourself. Its founder, Mikael Thomas, is passionate about IT, who cut his teeth in the warez world in the 2000’s. After studying e-commerce, he started his own company at the age of 21, an SEO company. He became an SEO consultant for a few big french websites and finally created in 2011 his first only shop for iPhone accessories. In March 2013, his co founder Sebastien Corner arrived and the e-shop became[...]/p>

Published on September 10th 2013

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[Interviews] 5 startups come back on their victory at the Startup Academy

sosav et maddyness

104 startups had submitted their file to the Startup Academy in 2013. 20 startups had the privilege of talking during that night. At the end of that evening, 5 startups were highlighted : Umanlife (1st), Sosav (2nd), Clikeat (3rd), Bingr (jury’s favourite) and StarOfService (Audience’s prize). Our second place at the Startup Academy allowed us to have media publications first (France Info, France 3...). It boosted the start of which took place at the beginning of April.[...]

Published on April 26th 2013

Read the article on Maddyness : repairing rather than throwing away

sosav et france info

Two solutions : throwing away the device and buying a new one, or calling a repairer and having to pay so much money at the end. Another solution has seen the light of day for a few years now, the at-home repair. Mikael Thomas is 26 years old, and was born in the Paris area. He’s the founder of, a website with a simple promise : make broken high-tech product repairs available to all. Mikael has a DUT in enterprise management and an e-commerce bachelor degree, until one day, he had a simple idea.[...]

Published on April 15th 2013

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Repairing your high-tech devices yourself with Sosav

sosav et comment ca marche

High tech devices are for most of us, essential tools for everyday life. A breakdown can worry many of us... If someday you’re facing this kind of issue, we advise that you visit the website Sosav ! This website will help you repair your device yourself, quickly and for so little money. Sosav offers to overcome any kind of breakdowns on many different electronic devices.[...]

Published on April 9th 2013

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