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How identify your material ?

1. Select type 2. Model 3. Identification

Identify your material

You're not sure of your device's number ? With the growth of brands and versions on the market, it's normal if you get lost. Whether you bough a smartphone, tablet, video-game console or computer not too long ago, you'll find here all information you need to identify for sure your model. Thanks to our identification tool you'll find the repair guide that you need as well as the spare parts to have a fully working device again.

How does it work ?

It's simple ! First your click on the device type to identify among the different categories in order to choose the brand. Then you'll find brand model list with the necessary information to identify the exact model number of your device. The number can sometimes be written on the rear case, on the battery or on a sticker somewhere inside the phone. For a better search, you can also enter the name of your device in the search bar.

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