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You have questions ? Your device broke down ? There's nothing you can't overcome ! Here, you'll find answers to your questions to help you repair easily and quickly your broken device.


You can't find the reason why your smartphone broke down ? You can't tell where the dysfunction of your tablet comes from ? Or maybe you're tired of your defective video-game console ? All those issues are very common, so browse our forums to see other users' questions and maybe you'll find what you're looking for.

Our forums, a place of exchange and share, have a team of experts to answer all your requests to help and advice you on the encountered breakdown and spare parts to replace. No questions are dumb, so do not hesitate to ask them all as it is very likely that another user will need that answer too one day.

We're always here to help answer your questions and we wish to create a real community thanks to SOSav, to overcome all daily breakdowns. You just have to sign up to participate to the forum's life and community so we can all fight together against waste !

Help Center

You have some questions about a past order or an order that you're about to place ? Doubts about a specific product ? You wanna have more information about your customer account ? You found the right place ! We have gathered the most frequently asked questions to help you answer all your demands in just a click thanks to our help center.

If you wanna be sure about our commitments and procedures before placing an order, you can find all the information that you wish in the help center. A time-saving trick as we've gathered frequents demands so you can make the right choice.

Whatever the questions are, you'll find the answers here ! Whether it's about the website proper functioning, a product exchange, personal data modifications... everything ! If you're still doubting, out team will be ready to answer all your questions. With our help center, SOSav will not have any secrets for you !

Breakdown diagnosis

Your iPhone does not turn on ? Your iPad does not produce any sound ? Your Samsung Galaxy does not want to charge ? Your Wiko has no service ? Or your playstation does read games ? So many breakdowns that our team of technicians has gathered to overcome all those issues that can sometimes ruin your life. If you're too shy to call our Customer Service our if you have some leads about the encountered issue, you found the right place !

We have listed all breakdown / breakage symptoms in order to help you diagnose the issue of your device. All you have to do is select the concerned material, brand and model to access that list.

A practical tool, easy to use, to help you find the proper spare parts allowing you to have a like new iPhone, tablet, mac, video-game console, mp3... or even camera. The solution you need in less than 5 minutes !

Model identification

You have an iPad that you use everyday but you can't remember when you bought it and so what version it is ? Your Samsung Galaxy follow your everywhere but you can't remember what exact model it is ? Your iPod always played wonderfully your playlists until it broke down and you can't find the missing parts needed ? So many questions that you won't ask yourself anymore thanks to our identification tool !

You can tell the difference between a smartphone and a video-game console ? Well, the following part will be a piece of cake ! Easy to use, you'll know exactly the version and model of your device by selecting the brand and following the identification instruction to be able to order the right parts.

There's no shame in not remembering the exact model of your device, so don't hesitate to use our identification tool to help you repair quickly your smartphone, tablet, Mac, video-fame consoles...

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