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Repair guide : Battery iPad Pro 12,9" (2015)

Level : Hard Time : 55 min Author : Alexandre
325 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?

The low life battery of your iPad Pro is annoying you ? If your battery won't charge, don't worry it is not a fatality and you should know it !

Pros at SOSav explain to you how disassembling your iPad Pro in this repair tutorial which comes with pictures and comments to help you throughout each steps of the way. =you can replace the battery yourself of your iPad for so little money !

Symptoms :

  • Battery does not charge
  • Swollen battery
  • Low life battery
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Battery iPad Pro 12,9" (2015)
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Step 1

Before starting the disassembly of the battery of your iPad Pro, you have to turn it off for safety reasons.

Press for a few seconds the power button and slide to power off.

Step 2

With a hair dryer, heat the edges of the iPad Pro for 2 to 3 minutes.

Careful to only heat the edges, not the screen. Otherwise you'll damage the LCD.

Step 3

Insert the pick on the right side between the frame and the screen.

Do not use force, if it won't come off, do not hesitate to heat the edges up again.

Step 4

Put the picks between the frame and the screen.

This enables to keep the screen lifter while removing the rest of it.

Do the same at the top of the screen.

Step 5

Heat up the left part and continue removing the screen.

Put the picks between the screen and frame to keep it opened.

Step 6

Use the hair dryer again and heat up the bottom part of the iPad.

Use the nylon spduger and gently remove the screen.

There are 2 antennes glued as shown in red on the second picture.

The home button cable is very close to the edge, careful not to damage it. 

Step 7

Start by lifting the screen at the top.

Step 8

Put your hands on each side of the screen and lift it from the bottom to the top. 

Do not remove it just yet, it is still attached to two cables.

Step 9

Use the cruciform screwdriver and remove the 3 screws circled in red.

Then with a pair of metal tweezers, remove the screen connectors cables bracket.

Step 10

Use the nylon spudger to remove the first connector. 

Step 11

Do the same step on the second connector right next to it.

Step 12

With a cruciform screwdriver, remove the 9 screws circled in red.

Those screws secure the shield plate covering the logic board.

Step 13

Start by removing at the top the logic board shield plate with the nylon spudger.

Step 14

Unclip the shield plate until the bottom.

Step 15

You can remove the shield plate of the logic board.

Step 16

Remove the 8 cruciform screws to take off the logic board of your iPad Pro.

Step 17

With a pair of tweezers, remove the bracket.

Step 18

Use the nylon spudger and disconnect the front camera cable.

Step 19

Remove the cable and the camera from the iPad Pro rear panel.

Step 20

With the spudger's tip, lift the connector.

Step 21

Start again with the right speaker connector.

Step 22

Use the nylon spudger and remove the jack plug connector.

Step 23

Then remove the back camera/volume button extended cable connector with the nylon spudger.

Step 24

Disconnect the WiFi antenna from the logic board.

Step 25

Do the same with the 2nd antenna.

Step 26

With the spudger's tip, lift the bottom speakers connectors.

Step 27

Then disconnect the second bottom speaker connector.

Step 28

Disconnect the smart connector with a nylon spudger.

Step 29

The logic board is now free.

You can remove it gently by pulling the top.

Step 30

The logic board is now disassembled.

Step 31

With the spudger's tip, pull the strap.

 Make sure not to break it.

Do the same with the 7 straps and be very meticulous.

Step 32

Lift the battery with the nylon spudger.

Step 33

Lift it and use the spudger to remove the top of the battery from the rear panel.

Step 34

Repeat that step on the other side of the battery.

Step 35

Lift the battery with your two hands.

Careful not to damage the cable linking the two battery parts.

Step 36

The iPad Pro battery is now disassembled.

If case of a charging issue, replace the battery by a new one.

To reassemble your iPad Pro 12,9" (2015) follow this guide in reverse order.


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