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Repair guides for iPad Pro 12,9" (2015)

Find on this page all guides for iPad Pro 12,9" (2015). Detailed and pictured steps, those tutorials will allow you to have a new iPad Pro 12,9" (2015).
Nonetheless if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our technical service.
Guides and how-to for iPad Pro 12,9" (2015) repair

iPad Pro 12,9" (2015) repair

You want to repair your iPad Pro ? An accident can occur very fast but thanks to SOSav, anything can be repaired ! We offer you a wide range of our most popular spare parts to fix your iPad Pro.

But to give your iPad a new life, you can either call the manufacturer after-sale service or do the repair yourself. Please know that the manufacturer's guarantee usually does not cover breakage unless you pay for it.

That's why our iPad Pro repair guides allow you to fix your iPad yourself, for a more ecological and economical solution !

Don't forget to back up your iPad in case of a reset. You don't want to lose your data, do you ?

iPad Pro 12,9" (2015) presentation

Released on November 11th 2015, the iPad Pro is a turning point in the history of Apple's tablets. In fact, it looks like the iPad Air but way bigger. Still with an iPad look, it has a 12,9" Retina screen with a 2732 x 2048 pixels display. 

Moreover, there is a stylus, the Apple pencil. It has the A9X 64-Bits processor and M9 co-processor with a 4Go RAM, Apple's biggest capacity as for now. It promises a better fluidity under iOS 9. 

Despite it's huge size, with a size 78% bigger than iPad Air 2, it distinguishes by its delicacy, 6.9mm thickness and 713 grams.. It also has the Smart Connector, a port allowing to communicate with the Smart Keyboard.

As for the pictures, not many changes, still the iSight 8Mpx captor in the back and 1.2 Mpx HD FaceTime camera in the front. It of course has the Touch ID home button to unlock. It has a 9 to 10 hours battery life, enough for a full day at work !

It is available in two WiFi versions, 32 or 128 GO as well as the WiFi + Cellular version of 128 GO. Same colors still available : silver, space gray, and gold. 

Identification iPad Pro 12,9" (2015)

To identify the model of your iPad Pro, you have to look at the back of the device, under the Apple logo : 

  • A1584 (WiFi only 32 / 128Go models)
  • A1652 (WiFi + Cellular)


If the model number washed out, its size and 12.9" screen makes it recognizable.

On the left side, there is also two Smart Connectors, a new port which looks like 3 rounds side by side.

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