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ACER is known for manufacturing and marketing laptops. This brand tackled the tablet market in 2010, thanks to the release of its Inconia series. To date, Acer has produced more than twenty tablets "Inconia", all running the Android operating system. The manufacturer offers standard tablet screen sizes, ranging from 7 to 10 inches and are primarily intended for the entry-level market.

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Acer repair

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Acer was widely known for its laptops and launched in 2010 in the manufacture of tablet with the Iconia range. The first version of the Iconia was a kind of hybrid between computer and tablet with a 2nd screen replacing the eternal keyboard but with features and a connected more similar to a computer. It was equipped with USB ports, an HDMI output and was running on Windows 7. But Acer is definitely embarking on the tablet with its range Iconia Tab. Acer tablets run on Android and are equipped with Nvidia processor. If the brand struggles to win in the tablet market dominated by the iPad and the Galaxy Tab, its models enjoy strong characteristics. Over the years, several series have come out with the A100, A200, etc. range. then the Iconia Tab B series and finally Iconia One.


Acer tablets are relatively scalable even though many components are soldered to the motherboard. The advantage is that on the Iconia Tab, it is usually possible to replace the touch screen independently of the LCD panel. The battery is also accessible and can be easily changed. On most models, the rear shell is simply eclipsed but its removal can be quite delicate because it includes the screen. So you have to leverage and create an opening between the shell and the screen. Repairing his Acer Iconia tablet is therefore feasible, especially for the most common breakdowns regarding the display, touch or problems of autonomy. Before starting your Iconia Tab repair, be sure to identify your model because the different components are not intercompatible. The manipulations remain close to one generation to another, the repair of tablets Acer remains very similar over the years.

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