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Repair guide : Screen Galaxy S20

Level : Hard Time : 60 min Author : Alexandre
445 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?

Has your Galaxy S20 screen shown nothing since this fall? The screen is cracked and you have problems using it normally? Does the touch no longer respond correctly? Colored lines appeared and hinder the display? The screen remains black while the phone vibrates and shows that it is still alive? You have come to the right place to solve your problem.

SOSav has chosen to share all its know-how so that you can replace your Galaxy S20 screen. The screen of a telephone is essential for its use and it is, paradoxically, the most fragile component. But why would you want to change your mobile for a simple broken screen? Electronic waste and we have chosen to offer you a real alternative.

This is why our technicians have written this repair guide to prove to you that it is possible to change your Galaxy S20 screen yourself. All the steps are illustrated and commented on in order to support you throughout the operation. Each gesture is dissected and you will be able to restore colors to your mobile.

Why should I fix my Galaxy S20 screen myself? First, you save money! No labor to pay since it is you who repair Galaxy S20. No support times either. And let's not even talk about the economy compared to buying a new phone.

But changing your Galaxy S20 screen yourself is also making a gesture for the environment since you are not participating in planned obsolescence. Repair instead of throwing away, a concept that we want to share with you and that you can apply to most of your everyday items. You limit your CO impact on the planet!

Before repairing your Galaxy S20 screen, we recommend that you back up your data as a precaution.


  • broken screen
  • Dead pixels
  • black screen
  • Display issues
  • Touch fault
  • Colorful lines
  • Dark spots
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Screen Galaxy S20
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Step 1

Before changing your Galaxy S20 screen, please turn off your phone, for obvious security reasons.

To do this, press the power button located on the right edge for a few seconds.

Then confirm with "Switch off".

Step 2

Insert the SIM extractor (present in the box of your S20 or our tool kit ) into the hole in the SIM drawer located on the top of the phone.

Press lightly to feel the SIM drawer pop out of itself.

Take it out.

Step 3

The SIM drawer is extracted.

Step 4

Heat the rear window for 1 to 2 minutes using a hair dryer to soften the glue that holds it.

Gently insert the iSesamo spatula into a corner to create an opening.

Then take the relay with a pick or plastic card .

Do not hesitate to heat again if resistance is felt.

Step 5

Gently slide the card all the way around.

You can now open the rear window to separate it.

Step 6

The Galaxy S20 rear window is separate and partially disassembled.

Step 7

Unscrew the 5 cruciform screws circled in red (Photo 1).

Then gently remove the NFC antenna using the nylon spudger.

Step 8

The NFC antenna is removed.

Step 9

Before continuing with your Galaxy S20 repair, disconnect the battery using the nylon spudger.

This avoids possible short circuits during the continuation.

Step 10

Reuse the Phillips screwdriver to remove the 4 screws circled in red. (Photo 1)

Then remove the plastic cover using the iSesamo.

Step 11

The plastic cover protecting the motherboard is removed.

Step 12

Use the nylon spudger to unlock the proximity sensor cable.

Then disconnect that from the screen.

Step 13

Continue by disconnecting the main charge cable ...

... as well as the secondary tablecloth.

Step 14

Then disconnect the power cable and the cable from the front camera.

Step 15

Take the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 2 screws circled in red. (Photo 1)

Use the iSesamo to take out the motherboard.

Step 16

The Galaxy S20 motherboard is removed and partially disassembled.

Step 17

Now you can gently pull out the proximity and light sensor using the nylon spatula.

Step 18

The proximity sensor is extracted.

Step 19

Then take out the front camera always with the nylon spudger.

The front camera is out.

Step 20

Then dislodge the internal speaker with the iSesamo spatula.

The internal speaker is extracted.

Step 21

Heat the front side opposite the battery for a few seconds to soften the glue that holds it.

Be careful not to heat the center of the LCD too long and I never heat the battery directly

Be careful not to bend or puncture the battery.

Slowly slide the wide and flat spatula to take it off.

Step 22

The Galaxy S20 battery is disassembled.

Step 23

Unscrew the 5 screws circled in red with the Phillips screwdriver. (Photo 1)

Then take out the external speaker with the iSesamo.

The loudspeaker is removed.

Step 24

Disconnect and remove the secondary cable from the charge connector.

Step 25

Repeat for the main charge cable.

Step 26

Use the Phillips screwdriver to unscrew the 3 screws circled in red. (Photo 1)

Lift and remove the charging connector with the iSesamo.

Step 27

All you have to do is dislodge the vibrator with the flat screwdriver.

The iSesamo is too wide!

Step 28

Your Galaxy S20 screen is completely disassembled.

You now know how to replace it in the event of a broken screen, thanks to this free guide.

To reassemble your Galaxy S20 follow this guide in reverse order.


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