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Repair guide : Screen Galaxy S10e

Level : Very hard Time : 60 min Author : Alexandre
35 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?

Your Galaxy S10e screen has given up and does not display anything since this heavy fall? The screen is cracked and the colors are like a kaleidoscope? Touch does not respond at all or only on a small area? The screen remains desperately black while your smartphone responds well, rings and vibrates proving that it is alive and well ... In short, you are looking for a solution! And you are right to rely on SOSav .

We know that the Galaxy S10e screen, like all smartphones screens, is the first component to suffer damage in case of shock or fall. Since it occupies the entire front, it is most subject to breakage and scratches. But without a screen, the smartphone becomes unusable ... It's the snake biting its tail! But we decided to share with you our experience to not get stuck in case of broken screen.

Our technicians have made this repair guide completely free. All steps are illustrated and commented to show you in detail how to change your Galaxy S10e screen yourself. Each gesture is dissected to accompany you in the best maneuver. You will learn that repairing your smartphone is possible without special technical knowledge, from the moment you take the time to look into the subject!

Why change your Galaxy S10e screen yourself? To make big savings ! You do not have to pay the labor of a smartphone repairer or even the manufacturer's service representative whose guarantee does not generally cover the case. Repairing your Galaxy S10e yourself then comes up to three times cheaper than calling on a third party. And we do not even count against the purchase of a new smartphone.

But replacing the Galaxy S10e is also environmentally friendly ! You do not fall into the trap of obsolescence programmed by changing mobile for a simple broken screen while everything else works perfectly. Repairing your smartphone instead of changing it is to limit its CO2 impact and avoid creating wasteful waste. Moreover, it is a reflex that you can apply to all everyday objects!

Last tip before changing your Galaxy S10e screen, remember to make a backup of your data as a precaution.


  • broken screen
  • Striped screen
  • Display issue
  • Touch defect
  • black screen
  • Dead pixels
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Screen Galaxy S10e
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Step 1

Before proceeding to change your Galaxy S10e screen, we recommend turning off your smartphone, for obvious security reasons.

To do this, press and hold the On / Off button on the edge of the right edge of the phone.

Then confirm with "extinguish".

Step 2

Then insert the SIM extractor (present in our tool kit ) into the small hole located on the top edge of the S10e.

Apply slight pressure to feel the SIM drawer eject by itself.

You can now remove it.

Step 3

That's it, your drawer is extracted!

Step 4

Bring your hair dryer (precious tool that everyone has at home!) To heat the back for 1 to 2 minutes to soften the glue.

If resistance is felt in the next steps, feel free to heat again to avoid breaking the rear window.

Step 5

Gently insert the iSesamo spatula between the rear window and the frame to create a slight opening.

Then take over with a pick (always in our tool kit ).

Slowly slide the pick all the way around the rear window to take off.

We prefer to use the pick because the iSesamo could scratch the rear window.

Step 6

You can open and tilt the rear window now unstuck.

Step 7

Your back side is removed.

Step 8

Unscrew the 14 screws circled in red using the Phillips screwdriver.

Step 9

Then, use the iSesamo spatula to gently dislodge and extract the NFC antenna.

Step 10

Your NFC antenna is now registered.

Step 11

Disconnect the battery from the battery with the nylon spatula.

Step 12

Use the iSesamo Spatula again to gently dislodge and exit the external speaker.

Step 13

The external speaker is disassembled.

Step 14

Take the nylon spatula to disconnect the water from the jack.

Step 15

Then gently insert the flat-nose pliers to gently pull the jack outward by tilting it through the chassis.

Be and take your time not to damage the motherboard!

Step 16

The jack is deposited.

Step 17

Continue with the nylon spatula to disconnect the tablecloth from the screen.

Then unplug the power button unfortunately not removable :(

Step 18

Continue by disconnecting the front camera.

You can then remove it using the pliers.

Step 19

The front camera is removed.

Step 20

With the Phillips screwdriver, unscrew the 3 screws circled in red that hold the motherboard to the chassis. (Photo 1)

Then carefully lift the motherboard with the nylon spatula to extract it gently.

Step 21

The Galaxy S10e motherboard is partially disassembled.

Step 22

Use the flat screwdriver to pull out the vibrator.

The iSesamo spatula is too wide to use here!

Step 23

The vibrator is deposited.

Step 24

Resume iSesamo to extract the internal speaker.

Step 25

The internal speaker is disassembled.

Step 26

Finally, reuse the hair dryer to heat the front panel for a few seconds to soften the glue that holds the battery.

Do not heat the LCD monitor for a long time as it may damage it.

Step 27

Then gradually slide the flat wide spatula under the battery to take off completely.

Be careful not to bend or pierce the Galaxy S10e battery!

Step 28

Your Galaxy S10e screen with chassis is now disassembled.

In case of broken screen or display problem, you now know how to replace it by following the steps of this repair guide :)

To reassemble your Galaxy S10e follow this guide in reverse order.


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