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Oppo repair

Oppo is a Chinese brand that flooded the smartphone market quite recently, in 2008 and established itself in Europe in 2018. In 2019, it already occupies third place in mobile sales with 11% of the market share. What about the Oppo repair? Well, Oppo uses the same codes as its competitors because the disassembly strongly resembles the OnePlus in particular. No wonder, since the parent company owns both brands! In short, the Oppo repair is not more difficult than another device and most of the components remain flexible in order to extend the life of the phone.

How to repair your Oppo ?

Select the model of your Oppo below, then the encountered issue, and you'll be able to follow our free tutorial to repair your Oppo.

Oppo repair

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Oppo is a Chinese brand founded in 2004 and first entered the market for MP3 and MP4 players. It was in 2008 that the brand offered its first smartphones exclusively in China. It was not until 2015 that it began to be exported internationally and in particular to Europe in 2018. Making the brand one of the Blockbuster in the mobile market. For the record, the opposition parent company (BBK Electronics) also owns other major Chinese brands such as OnePlus or Vivo. In terms of smartphone ranges, the brand has some big names like the Find Series or the Reno Series but also Seria A or K. In short, high-end mobiles at affordable prices that run on Android, hence a huge success. This is why SOSav now offers repair guides so that you can repair your Oppo easily and cheaply.


The Oppo repair does not really present a surprise for those used to repairing the telephone. Disassembly is done from the rear in order to access the guts of the device. Most of the components are modular and can be changed quite easily and above all economically! SOSav tutorials are completely free and accompany you throughout your Oppo repair through illustrations and comments. In addition, our entire technical team remains available in case of questions regarding your Oppo repair.

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