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Nokia Lumia repair

From the start of the 90's Nokia has been one of the leading mobile phone providers on the market. Between 1998 and 2012 Nokia were the number 1 global telephone provider before being dethroned by Samsung.The success of Nokia is notably thanks to the robustness of their first phones at the end of the 90's, or like the extremely famous 3310, the start of the 2000's. Then it was thanks to high quality smartphones with the Nokia OS 'Symbian', then with Windows Phone OS on their Lumia range that revitalised their sales.

How to repair your Nokia Lumia ?

Select the model of your Nokia Lumia below, then the encountered issue, and you'll be able to follow our free tutorial to repair your Nokia Lumia.

Nokia Lumia repair

16 Models for Nokia Lumia


Nokia is a Finnish business specialised in mobile phone production. Between 1998 and 2012 the Nokia brand was number 1 in the world for mobile phones. Nokia was renowned for their phones with interchangeable cases from the beginning of their success, notably the famous Nokia 3110, 3210 and 3310 which had huge success at the end of the 90's.

Nokia is now most known for their N range of smartphones. Despite business slowing down, mostly thanks to the arrival of the iPhone, Nokia have renewed their success in recent years thanks to their new range - Nokia Lumia. They're, colourful, compact, or large smartphones operating with Windows phone OS. The brand is regularly updated, providing a vast choice for any budget. The Nokia Lumia subsidiary was sold to Microsoft at the end of 2014, leaving Microsoft to take over the production of all future Lumia models.

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