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Repair guide : Complete Display Assembly iPhone 8

Level : Medium Time : 30 min Author : Alexandre
2670 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?
This guide is for replacing the complete display assembly on the iPhone 8.

Problems :

  • Broken screen
  • Abnormal colors
  • Broken screen
  • Touch screen issue
  • Display issue
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Complete Display Assembly iPhone 8
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Step 1

Before disassembling the complete screen of your iPhone 8, it is necessary to switch it off.

Hold down the ignition / standby button located on the right edge of the phone for a few seconds.

Then slide your finger to the right on the "Switch off" button which appears in red.

Step 2

Using the pentalobe screwdriver provided in the standard tool kit, unscrew the two screws located on the bottom of the iPhone.

These screws are located at the phone's lightning connector.

These two screws are used to hold the lower part of the screen on the chassis of the iPhone 8.

Using the hair dryer, heat the edges of the iPhone screen.

This operation consists in removing the seal located between the screen and the frame.

Note: Heat the upper part of the screen further to make it easier to remove.

Step 3

Then insert a pick in the lower left part of the phone and slide it over the entire lower part.

Repeat on the entire left side and finally on the right side of the phone.

Step 3

Insert an opening pick in the bottom left part of the phone and slide it around the phone.

Repeat that step on the left and right side of the phone.

Step 4

Gently grasp and lift the screen.

Then drag and slightly pull the screen back.

Step 5

Then open the screen in the same way as a book, being careful not to tear off the three cables linking it to the motherboard.

Step 6

With the Phillips screwdriver, then unscrew the four screws holding the reinforcement plate of the LCD screen connectors.

Step 7

Then grasp the metal plate of the connectors and remove it.

Step 8

Using the nylon spudger, disconnect the battery.

Also unlock the LCD / Touch screen cable.

Step 9

Keep the nylon spudger to disconnect the connection cable from the Force Touch sensor and the home button.

Step 10

Using the Phillips screwdriver, then unscrew the three screws circled in red maintaining the metal shielding of the connectors of the front camera / internal speaker / proximity sensor cable.

Step 11

Grasp the metal shield with the pliers and remove it.

Step 12

Continue by disconnecting the cable from the front camera / internal speaker / proximity sensor with the nylon spudger.

Your iPhone 8 screen is now disassembled.

Step 13

Then unscrew the four triwing screws circled in red

These screws hold the metal shield of the home button.

Step 13

Remove the four screws circled in red with the triwing screwdriver.

Those screws secure the home button bracket.

Step 14

Grasp the home button plate and remove it with the pliers.

Step 14

Grab the home button bracket and remove it.

Step 15

Using the nylon spatula, very carefully disconnect the home button from its tablecloth.

Be very delicate during this operation, the tablecloth of the home button is very fragile!

Step 15

With the nylon spudger, gently disconnect the home button from its cable.

Be careful during this step, the home button is very fragile.

Step 16

Continue with the spatula to take off the home button from the screen.

Remove it by passing it through the front of the screen.

Once again, be very delicate during the operation so as not to damage the home button cable!

Step 16

Peel off the home button with the nylon spudger.

Remove it on the front.

Be very careful in order not to damage the home button cable!

Step 17

The home button is disassembled.

Remember to replace it on the new screen to preserve Touch ID and Click;)

Step 17

The complete screen of the iPhone 8 is now disassembled.

You can replace it with a new one if needed.

Step 18

Unscrew the 5 Phillips screws circled in red holding the shield of the internal speaker. (Photo 1)

Grasp and remove the shield of the internal speaker with the pliers.

Step 19

Tilt the front camera to free access to the internal speaker.

Now you can extract the internal speaker using the pliers.

Step 20

The internal speaker is extracted.

Step 21

Peel off the top of the tablecloth using the spatula.

Step 22

Then slide the spatula under the entire camera to gently remove it.

Step 23

The camera is separate and the iPhone 8 screen is completely disassembled.

Follow this free tutorial to change your broken screen :)

To reassemble your iPhone 8 follow this guide in reverse order.


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