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Repair guide : Teardown iPhone 8 Plus

Level : Very hard Time : 60 min Author : Alexandre
435 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?

Finally, the time has come! The iPhone 8 Plus, at last in the expert hands (and a little bit sadistic) of our technicians from SOSav. We are curious to know how it's made. Is it a perfect clone of the iPhone 7 Plus, or is it totally different? Our screwdrivers can't wait to tear this one down and know what it has to offer... Let's go!

Some advice before you start
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Step 1

Finally! The iPhone 7 Plus, hmm I mean the iPhone 8 Plus! We can’t wait to tear it down! Here is a glimpse of its technical features:

Operating system: iOS 11

Screen: 5.5" Retina HD (LCD screen)

Processor: A11 "Bionic" 64bits with M11 coprocessor

Storage: 64 or 256 GB


Front: 7 Megapixels, with F2.2 aperture

Rear: 12 Megapixels with F1.8 aperture (Wide angle: F2.8)

Weight: 202 grams                                                 

Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS compatible with Galileo/QZSS/GLONASS, NFC (Apple Pay), wireless charging….

Step 2

Apple still uses the pentalobe screwdriver which was first launched with the iPhone 4. All you have to do remove the two small pentalobe screws around the lightning port just like all previous iPhone generations. 

Once the screws are removed the screen opens like a book, just like the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

Step 3

Hey! Why don't we play spot the difference? Tic Tac, tic, tac... We'll give you a sweet if you can find them! 

Step 4

To remove the screen, you first have to take off the connector bracket of the iPhone 7 Plus, whoops, I mean the iPhone 8 Plus! Oh man...! Then unclip the cables.

The only noticeable difference: the tri Wing screws have been replaced with cruciform screws (in comparison with the iPhone 7).

Step 5

On the left: the iPhone 7 Plus, On the right: the iPhone 8 Plus. Can't spot the difference? Of course you can't, they're completely identical!

If you take a closer look, we see that the cables are exactly the same.

Scientific experiment: The iPhone 8 Plus screen on the iPhone 7 Plus turns on, and vice versa, but in both cases the touch screen doesn't work. What a shame.

Step 6

Good news, replacing the battery on the iPhone 8 Plus is very simple! The adhesive strips securing the battery are stronger.

What does that mean? They won't break as easily, and the battery can be removed all in one go.

Step 7

The FaceTime camera cable in the 8 is identical to the iPhone 7 Plus'.

But, the light sensor seems to be better quality than the previous model. Therefore, the camera isn't compatible.

Step 8

Regarding the home button, there's no big change. It's identical to its predecessor and can be removed in the same way.

Step 9

Slight change concerning the antennas compared to the iPhone 7 Plus: Both have been merged into one cable.

Also, the Taptic Engine remains the same as the iPhone 7 Plus.

Step 10

Then comes the removal of the double rear camera. It has identical features, but is not compatible with the iPhone 7 Plus.

Looks like Apple does not like backward compatibility!

Step 11

The speaker block is easy to remove and, (surprise, surprise!) very similar to its predecessor.

Step 12

We think that Apple wanted to limit the cost of research and development by keeping the frame and manufacture process very similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.  

It's the same story with the logic board and the dock connector, there many similarities between the two models!

Step 13

For this step, we had to trade the good old hairdryer for this heat gun.

The rear glass is a nightmare to remove, as it's strongly glued to the frame. It would be a huge downside if you broke the famous glass panel...

We had to heat it the panel to over 330°C and it took us over 10 minutes to do so.

Step 14

Here's a quick comparison between four components of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 Plus.

- Cameras: Shorter cables on the iPhone 8 Plus camera, but identical technical features to the 7 Plus!

- Taptic engine: The dimensions are almost similar, but they have different fixings and a connector that's placed in opposite directions.

- Home button: They're twins! Well, not exactly. Even if they look identical, the part's model numbers are different :)

- Front camera/speaker/light sensor cable: Similar but not compatible!

Step 15

THE huge novelty so awaited on the iPhone: the NFC and the wireless charging feature!

The NFC/wireless charging cable seems easy to remove as it is only glued to the frame.

A nylon spudger will do the work in just a few minutes.

Step 16

Heads or tails? Let's first zoom on the tails side of the logic board. Let's go!

Yellow: The infamous Apple A11 "Bionic" 64 Bits processor. Initially covered with thermal paste that we previously removed for the picture!

Green: P10TSML 9948P X728LA45

Light blue: 76041W9VG

Dark blue: AVAGO 8056LE216

Pink: AVAGO 8066LC022

Orange: 81004DP31

Step 17

Now the heads side of the logic board!

Red: Radio WiFi/Bluetooth component ( USI 170811 )

Yellow: 338S00309-B0 (power supply processor?)

Green: 338S00248

Light pink: 6848 P10 014 H1728

Orange: Samsung KLACG2UWCAE0T3728A-1 (64GB) flash storage

Purple : 79367-1

Light blue: Data removed

Blue/green: 2880623C

Pink: 5757P10 N10 H1724

Dark purple: Broadcom S9355A2TVB3G

Light green:  Texas Instruments 77CQ5NI

Light orange: 338S00295 A1YS1718

Step 18

The positives:

- This iPhone possesses many replaceable parts !
- The screen is as simple to remove as the iPhone 7/7 Plus screen
- The battery is easier to remove and the adhesive strips, once easily breakable, are more resistant and also easier to remove.

The negatives:

- The home button is paired to the logic board, making it impossible to replace (if you replace it, the touch ID and fingerprint sensor will be disabled).
- Opening the phone makes it lose its watertightness/water resistance.
- Iphone 7 Plus parts aren't compatible with the iPhone 8 Plus, even if they share the same features.
- The rear glass panel is a nightmare to remove. If it breaks, I bet you'll have to replace the whole frame (which is very pricey).
- The iPhone 7 Plus' screens work perfectly on the iPhone 8 Plus, but you lose the touch screen functionality. That's a shame!

To reassemble your iPhone 8 Plus follow this guide in reverse order.


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