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Repair guide : Logic Board iPhone 7

Level : Medium Time : 20 min Author : Alexandre
2545 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?

You wanna replace the logic board of your iPhone 7 ? Experts at SOSav will tell you how to remove it with this repair guidewhich comes with pictures and comments.


  • Logic board to replace
  • iPhone won't turn on
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Logic Board iPhone 7
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Step 1

Before disassembling the logic board of your iPhone 7, you have to securely turn it off.

Maintain the power button on the top for a few seconds.

Then slide to the right to "power off" button in red.

Your iPhone 7 is now turned off.

Step 2

With a pentalobe screwdriver, remove the two screws circled in red.

Those screws are on both sides of the dock connector.

Those two screws hold the bottom part of the display assembly to the iPhone.

Step 3

With a hairdryer, heat up the edge of the iPhone' screen as shown in red on picture 2.

This consists in peeling the seal between the screen and the rear panel.

Step 4

Then put the suction cups as near as possible to the home button.

Pull the cup enough to let a gap appear.

Put an opening pick between the display and rear case.

Step 5

Take a second opening pick and slide it around between the display and rear case.

Step 6

Start again on the right side.

Careful when sliding the pick because the screen connection cable are on this side.

Step 7

You can now open the iPhone by swinging the display up from the left side, like opening a book !

Step 8

Use the Triwing screwdriver, to remove the four screws circled in red on the picture.

Then with tweezers, remove the lower connector bracket

Step 9

The lower connector bracket is now removed.

Step 10

Use a nylon spudger to disconnect the display connector .

Step 11

Then unlock the second display connector.

Step 12

With a cruciform screwdriver, remove the two screws that maintain the front panel sensor assembly connector bracket.

Remove the bracket with tweezers.

Step 13

The bracket is now removed.

Step 14

Disconnect the proximity/front camera cable.

The complete display assembly is now removed from the iPhone 7.

Step 15

Disconnect the battery by lifting the connector from the logic board.

Step 16

Disconnect the antenna the the nylon spudger's tip.

Step 17

Then do it again with the second antenna.

Step 18

Still with the nylon spudger, disconnect the back camera.

Step 19

Then disconnect the dock connector.

Step 20

Remove the 2 screws circled in red with a Triwing screwdriver.

Those screws hold the volume and power buttons connector bracket.

Step 21

Once unscrewed, remove the bracket with a pair of tweezers.

Step 22

Remove the WiFi antenna connector with the spudger's tip.

Step 23

Remove step by step : 

-The four screws circled in yellow with a flatheadscrewdriver.

- The five screws circled in red with a cruciform screwdriver.

Step 24

Remove the bracket with a pair of tweezers.

Step 25

Remove the last screw with a cruciform screwdriver.

Step 26

You can remove the grounding pin with a pair of tweezers.

Step 27

Disconnect the power and volume button cable with the nylon spudger.

Step 28

Put the spudger under the logic board and start lifting again.

Step 29

The logic board of your iPhone 7 is now disassembled.

You can replace it by a new one.

To reassemble your iPhone 7 follow this guide in reverse order.


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