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Repair guide : Back Camera iPhone 6

Level : Medium Time : 30 min Author : Alexandre
545 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?
This guide is for replacing the back camera on the iPhone 6.
Symptoms : defective picture, autofocus, camera won't take pictures
Some advice before you start
Repair - Repair guide: Back Camera iPhone 6
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Step 1

Before disassembling the back camera of your iPhone 6, you have to securely turn it off.

Maintain the power button on the top for a few seconds.

Then slide to the right to "power off" button in red.

Step 2

The SIM card tray of the iPhone 6 can be found on the right side of the phone, near the power button (on/off/sleep).

Insert the SIM card eject tool in the small hole and push to eject the SIM tray.

Then grab it and remove it.

The iPhone 6 SIM card tray is now removed.

Step 3

With a pentalobe screw driver, remove the two screws circled in red on the picture.

Those screws are on both side of the lightning connector of the phone.

Those two screws maintain the bottom part of the screen on the iPhone's frame.

Step 4

Then put the iSclack on the iPhone 6.

The suction cups have to be as close as possible to the home button of the iPhone as shown on the picture for a better grip.

Make sure the suction cups are well fixed to the iPhone, then open the tweezers in order to separate the screen from the frame of the phone.

Step 5

With a cruciform screw, remove the five screws circled in red.

Those screws hold the front panel cable bracket that you can remove with a pair of tweezers.

Step 6

With a nylon spudger, gently pry up to disconnect the cable for :

   - the front camera,

   - the earpiece speaker,

   - the proximity and light sensor,

   - and the home button cable.

Step 7

Still with a nylon spudger, pry again to disconnect gently the last two cables holding the display assembly of your iPhone 6 :

   - the LCD screen cable,

   - the touch screen cable.

Step 8

You can now pull out the complete display assembly.

The complete display assemble of your iPhone 6 is now disassembled.

Step 9

Use the cruciform screwdriver and remove the two screws circled in red.

Those screws hold the two following connector brackets :

              - battery connector,

              - headphone jack/speaker/dock connector/microphone connector .

Then grab the connector's bracket with a pair of tweezers and remove it.

Step 10

Use the nylon spudger and gently pry to disconnect the battery cable.

We recommend that your unplug the battery for safety reason. But there's no need to remove it completely.

Step 11

With a pair of tweezers, gently remove the black tape covering the back camera as shown on the pictures.

The sticker is located on the left side of the back camera.

Then use a nylon spudger to disconnect the back camera as shown on pictures 3 and 4.

Step 12

Use the cruciform screwdriver again and remove the two screws circled in red.

Those screws maintain the back camera to the read panel of the iPhone.

Step 13

Use tweezers again and remove the back camera bracket.

Step 14

Use the nylon spudger, gently pry and unclip the back camera.

Step 15

Remove the back camera with tweezers.

Step 16

The back camera of your iPhone 6 is now disassembled.

You can replace it by a new one.

To reassemble your iPhone 6 follow this guide in reverse order.


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