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Repair guide : Earpiece speaker iPhone 5C

Level : Easy Time : 20 min Author : Alexandre
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This guide is for replacing the earpiece speaker of the iPhone 5C. This earpiece speaker is used when making phone calls. Thanks to the earpiece speaker, you can hear the person you're talking to.
Some advice before you start
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Step 1

Before replacing the earpiece speaker of your iPhone 5C, you have to securely turn it off..

Remove the two pentalobe screws on each side of the lightning connector.

Step 2

To open your iPhone 5C, put the iSclack or a suction cup on the front panel.

With the iSclack : Put the iPhone in between the plastic suction cups. Close the handle, it will pull the front panel up from the rear.

With a suction cup : Put a suction cup above the home button. Then gently pull to lift the front panel of the iPhone 5C.

Make sure the suction cup is completely on the screen.

Step 3

You can now open the display assembly vertically.

Do not remove completely the front panel, it is still attached to the logic board by a few cables.

Step 4

Remove the 4 screws circled in red holding the cables to the logic board.

Step 5

With a pair of tweezers, remove the panel assembly cable bracket from your iPhone 5C.

Step 6

With a nylon spudger, disconnect the 3 connectors on the screen :

the first one is the cable to the front camera and the proximity sensor,

the second one is the touch screen cable,

Step 7

The third one, is the LCD Retina cable.

Step 8

You iPhone 5C's display assembly is now disassembled.

Step 9

Remove the two screws circled in red holding the earpiece speaker bracket.

Step 10

Insert the nylon spudger, between the bracket and the cable to free it .

Step 11

Still with the spudger, lift the earpiece speaker and remove it.

Step 12

The earpiece speaker is now disassembled. You can replace it by a new one.

To reassemble your iPhone 5C follow this guide in reverse order.


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