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Repair guides for iPhone 1st generation

Find on this page all guides for iPhone 1st generation. Detailed and pictured steps, those tutorials will allow you to have a new iPhone 1st generation.
Nonetheless if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our technical service.
Guides and how-to for iPhone 1st generation repair

No repair available for iPhone 1st generation

We are sorry but no repair guides are available for the iPhone 1st generation at the moment.

You want to help us fix the planet ? Contribute by lending or giving us your device, a iPhone 1st generation for example. It will allow us to create new repair guides !

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iPhone 1st generation repair

Repairing your iPhone Edge is now possible thanks to SOSav ! You can enjoy a selection of the best iPhone EDGE spare parts. They're all available on our online shop.

To repair a broken iPhone, you can contact our after sale service, but usually breakages are not part of the guarantee unless you can pay for it, or you can even choose the option to fix your phone yourself !

Thanks to our repair guides for iPhone EDGE which come with pictures and comments, the replacement of your iPhone screen won't be a secret anymore !

Careful : You'll probably have to reset your iPhone after the repair, so do not forget to do a back up of your data via iTunes before repairing it !

iPhone 1st generation presentation

When it came out on June 29th 2007, the 1st generation iPhone will revolutionize the smartphone market worldwide and will be called "The invention of 2007" by The Time.

This first iPhone version did not have the 3G yet but offered to browse the web via EDGE. This iPhone was available in 4 and 8 GO flash memory and only in black. White versions only came later with more recent versions. The rear panel was made of aluminium and plastic at the bottom.

1st generation iPhone's repairs are rather simple. To open the iPhone you have to remove the plastic part located in the back at the bottom so you can easily replace a battery or the camera. As for the front panel, it is rather more complicated. You have to disassemble almost the whole iPhone to be able to replace it. .

Identification iPhone 1st generation

The easiest way to identify a 1st generation iPhone is to look at the model number on the rear case of the iPhone. It is the A1203.

To know about its storage capacity, you have to look again on the rear case of the iPhone, it is written under the logo.

If you can't identify the model number, you can guess it thanks to a few distinguishing features :

  • The rear case is made out of anodized aluminium and the bottom part is plastic.
  • The SIM card tray is on the right side of the iPhone.
  • The serial number is engraved on the rear case.

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