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It was in 2015 that the giant Google really launched into the smartphone race with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. If the vast majority of smartphones run on Android, the operating system of Google, it was only late that the Google Pixels were born. These models benefit from the Android updates in preview and run without any manufacturers overlay, unlike other brands. Indeed, the Google Pixels benefit from a “pure” version of Android. These smartphones are top of the range and take advantage of the latest technologies with ultra borderless screens and latest generation processors. They are available in two formats, a standard and an XL version. There are now 6 generations of Google smartphones, the latest of which are equipped with 5G.

How to repair your Google ?

Select the model of your Google below, then the encountered issue, and you'll be able to follow our free tutorial to repair your Google.

Google repair

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Google was created in 1998 in California and has become the American giant we know. It is the initial of GAFA, the most powerful companies in the world. In 2015, the parent company was called Alphabet and Google became a subsidiary. Originally, it was a simple search engine but its functions have greatly evolved from the start by creating essential applications such as Gmail, YouTube or even Google Maps. Later will come Android, the operating system that is used by the majority of smartphones and tablets. But it was in 2015 that the brand really launched into the smartphone market with the release of the Google Pixels. Each year, Google releases two new models to arrive today at the generation of Pixels 6.

At SOSav, we could not miss the repair of Google Pixels! It seemed obvious to us that creating Google Pixel repair guides was a must. Repairing your Google Pixel is no more difficult than troubleshooting another mobile and we prove it to you here. All our tutorials are detailed in order to best explain the steps and movements to be carried out. We regularly add new free tutorials on other models in order to be able to repair your Google Pixel more easily, whatever the generation. Additionally, we also have a plethora of Google Pixel parts to help you with the task.


Google Pixel repair is possible by taking the time and care to address the problem. Most of the elements are modular so that they can be replaced in the event of problems or wear. Google Pixel repair is not always easy and it will take patience, but thanks to our free tutorials, you will be able to overcome the main problems encountered without too much difficulty. Whether it is to replace a broken screen, a tired battery or an antenna that no longer receives a network, you will find all our advice in these free tutorials. You will see that the Google Pixel repair is possible and economical.

Moreover, do not hesitate to ask our SOSav technical team for help if you have any questions about your Google Pixel repair. Keep in mind that patience is essential. And remember to make a backup just in case;)

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