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Mobile Phones repair

You'll find in this section, detailed guides with pictures that will allow you to repair easily and quickly most of common breakdowns on your smartphone. If you can't find the repair guide that you need, do not hesitate to contact our technical service.
Mobile Phones repair

13 brands for Mobile Phones


The first mobile phone came out March 6th 1983, invented by Martin Cooper, head of research and development for Motorola. An invention that never ceased to grow over time, when the first phones had only one goal : make phone calls almost wherever.

Mobile phones new generation are now as powerful as some computers and have many features. This evolution was increased by the democratization of smartphones, real mini-computers making phone calls not the first priority.


To do the repair yourself in the best of conditions, you first have to identify the brand and model of your mobile phone. They can easily be found on your smartphone.

Most of the time, the manufacturer's logo appears on the front face of the mobile. On some new generation smartphones, it can appear on the back. You have to identify the correct model which is most of the time located on the the rear case, or on the battery or in the "information" menu of your mobile.

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