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Repair guide : Home button cable iPod Touch 4th Gen

Level : Easy Time : 15 min Author : Alexandre
90 people have done this repair successfully ! Why not you?
Thanks to these detailed steps and explanations, you can replace the home button cable in your iPod Touch 4G.
Some advice before you start
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Step 1

For safety reasons, before replacing the home button cable on your iPod Touch 4G you must turn it off.

Once your iPod Touch 4G is completely off, you can start the repair in complete safety.

Step 2

Using a hairdryer, heat the edges of the iPod. This is to soften the glue holding the screen of your iPod touch 4G to the frame.

Don't heat the home button too much as it's plastic.

Step 3

Insert a metal spudger (iSesamo) between the screen and the frame on the edge of the iPod Touch 4G .

Use the spudger to lever up the bottom part of the screen in order to detach it.

Step 4

Lift the screen with the spudger until you can grasp it.

Step 5

Now lift the screen of your iPod Touch 4G gently up to a 90° angle.

Step 6

Use the nylon spudger provided in our tool kit to disconnect the screen cable. To do this, delicately lever up the connector for the cable.

You can now carefully turn the screen to lay flat on your work surface.

Step 7

Using the cross headed screwdriver provided in our tool kit, unscrew the 9 cross headed screws circled in red in the photo.

These secure the midframe protecting the logic board in your iPod Touch 4G.

Step 8

Now use the metal spudger to lift up the tape protecting the rear camera.

Step 9

Using the metal spudger, lift the midframe.

Step 10

Now grasp the midframe in order to remove it completely.

Step 11

Insert the metal spudger (iSesamo spudger) between the cable and the midframe in order to disconnect it.

Step 12

Then turn the midframe over.

Continue using the metal spudger to finish removing the home button cable.

Step 13

The cable for the home button in your iPod Touch 4G is now completely removed.

You can now replace it with a new one if necessary.

To reassemble your iPod Touch 4th Gen follow this guide in reverse order.


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