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iPod Nano repair

The iPod Nano had huge success upon its launch at the end of 2005, and reached up to 7 generations before the end of production in July 2017. From the 6th generation it was given a touch screen whilst remaining small and compact, becoming a mixture between the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Touch. It's not as simple to disassemble and repair as the older generations, but still possible thanks to our repair guides at SOSav.

How to repair your iPod Nano ?

Select the model of your iPod Nano below, then the encountered issue, and you'll be able to follow our free tutorial to repair your iPod Nano.

iPod Nano repair

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The iPod Nano, released at the end of 2005, is the successor of the iPod Mini, with the only real difference between them being the use of flash memory instead of a hard drive. It's lighter and more refined than its elder, the iPod Classic, but has reused the same design with the small screen and the clickable touch wheel used to navigate menus. It wasn't until the 6th generation that the Nano got a touch screen, adopting the same format as the Shuffle, that is to say it was small and square featuring only a touch screen for navigation. Then after the 6th gen it returned to the previous generations design style with a 2.5" touch screen and home button to substitute the classic wheel. It also adopted the new lightning connector for charging.

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