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iPod repair

In this section you can find detailed and illustrated guides to help you quickly and easily repair almost every breakdown on your iPod. If you can't find the guide for your repair, don't hesitate to contact our technical department.
iPod repair

5 Models for iPod


First launched on the 23rd of October 2001 the iPod by Apple was a mini-revolution in the musical world. It was designed to bury the old school CD players, and signified the true arrival of the first digital and dematerialised music player. This digital music player has a 5GB hard drive, a 2" screen, and a touch sensitive wheel to select your favourite songs, stocking up to 1000 titles. The newer versions of the iPod use flash memory, providing the advantage of better storage capacity. It also provides the foundation for the Apple brand niche, as you must use iTunes to download and synchronise your music library on the iPod.

The iPod had, in just over 10 years, multiple evolutions in terms of both design and technology. The iPod range has 4 models today: the iPod Shuffle, the iPod Nano, the iPod Touch, and the iPod Classic (which ended its reign at the end of 2014).


So you can repair your iPod under the best conditions, you must first confirm the correct model of your iPod. Identifying the type of iPod you have is generally quite simple.

Start by choosing your iPod type using the product photos on this page. If the photos don't help you identify your iPod model, simply use our identification tool to guide you.

Regarding reparability, iPods are quite simple devices to repair. Our repair guides in the following pages will explain in detail exactly how to repair the majority of common iPod breakdowns.

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