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iMac repair

You'll find in this section detailed guides so you can easily and quickly repair most of breakdowns on your iMac (iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro). So if you cannot find the guides related to your breakdown, contact our technical service.

How to repair your iMac ?

Select the model of your iMac below, then the encountered issue, and you'll be able to follow our free tutorial to repair your iMac.

iMac repair

3 Models for iMac


The first desk Macintosh, the Macintosh 128K was launched in January 1984 and became a huge success in terms of personal computers, using a mouse and a graphic interface. But Apple's computers will only rise late 80, early 90. It wasn't until 1988 and the release of the iMac, that the computer range knew a revival.

Apple's personal computer desk range is based around 3 models : The iMac, all in one computer, the Mac Mini, basic model and the Mac Pro, top of the range computer.

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