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Small appliance repair

Repair his small appliances? Yes of course ! After all, we are surrounded by it every day! From the coffee machine to the toaster, the blender and the connected scale, our kitchen and, more generally, our house, is filled with all kinds of appliances. A real cost in the household budget. There are many devices that are used more than others, some are used daily and others occasionally, but all are normally useful. So, why not repair your small appliance instead of changing it at the slightest problem? You take your coffee every morning, and it's a moment to share after meals with friends or family, in case of a glitch, you can learn that it is possible to repair his coffee machine! Same for all other small devices that punctuate our daily lives. Repairing instead of throwing away is the motto of SOSav and it applies perfectly to all appliances in the house. Why not go into the repair of small household appliances instead of constantly investing in a new device as soon as it turns rounder. Especially after that, what do you do with your old device that you have on your hands? Unnecessary waste most of the time because it is often possible to repair its small appliances. And because we are convinced that home appliance repair can become a new habit, the entire SOSav team wanted to make repair guides for small household appliances.
Small appliance repair

3 Models for Small appliance


The repair small appliances will make its entrance at home! Your home is full of small appliances, from the coffee machine to the ice machine or bottle warmer, it is a budget for households. And at SOSav, we are convinced, well no, we know that everything is potentially repairable. Just take the trouble to understand where the concern comes from. Most of the time, the breakdowns are benign and can be overcome in a few minutes with a little patience. No need to rush into the first store come when the coffee no longer flows properly! Repairing your coffee maker or all your small household appliances is therefore much cheaper than buying a new appliance, but it is also more profitable than going through the manufacturer's after-sales service since the 2-year legal warranty does not cover small accidents at all. days.

We want to make the repair of small household appliances accessible to the greatest number through our repair tutorials. Advice from experts who share their know-how in order to reduce the household budget! You will not have to change the blender or coffee machine every year and will be able to invest in hobbies with money saving! We accompany you in your approach with illustrated and accurate guides that will allow you to overcome the small problems of everyday life. It is essential for us to popularize small appliance repairs so that you have a real choice of what can be done and not be pressured by planned obsolescence! We show you how to replace the most common wear components to forget all the trouble.

The winning recipe of the small appliance repair? A hint of wise advice, a pinch of patience, a motivational spoon sprinkled with the right tools! Kidding aside, we answer present in order to fly to the rescue of your small appliances of the kitchen or bathroom or even everywhere in the house. You will see that you will get into the game of repair and have the pride of knowing how to refurbish all appliances in the house, while saving money.


Before embarking on the repair of small household appliances, it is essential to properly identify the device. If the primary functionality of a machine is generally easy to recognize, it is less obvious to determine the exact model. You can imagine that repairing a coffee maker is different from a waffle maker or blender, but the different types of appliances are disassembled relatively the same way. And this, whatever the brand. But beware, it is necessary to identify its small appliances to order the good references of spare parts. Because this can vary from one model to another and especially from one brand to another. The mark is often present on the front and the exact reference of the model on a label affixed somewhere, usually under the device. It is also possible to see it appear on the record. With this model number, you will be able to determine the right parts of small appliances that you need but also guide you to the tutorials that will fit your machine. In short, you will have the means to get started in the repair small appliances in peace.

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