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Wholesale Household Appliances repair

Need to repair his dishwasher? His refrigerator? His oven? His freezer? His washing machine? You are right to look for information on the repair of major household appliances because repairing its devices instead of throwing them away, is a big savings! Especially with the repair guides made by SOSav technicians, you will see that it is within everyone's reach. Whatever the problem your device has, you'll find the tips you need to overcome it and bring your machine back to life. With SOSav, repairing your big appliance will become very easy. Count on our experts to accompany you throughout the maneuver since our tutorials are illustrated and commented. Each movement is broken down into specific steps to guide you on the right course of action. You will find tips to repair your major appliances.
Wholesale Household Appliances repair

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SOSav is convinced that everything is repairable. Our technicians are now tackling the repair of major household appliances because yes, it is possible to repair his washing machine for example! But also all the everyday devices that surround us. If manufacturers take pleasure in sprinkling their devices with a pinch of obsolescence programmed, SOSav allows you to get around this with repair guides. We help you to repair all major household appliances yourself without having to pay the intervention of the service or the manpower of a professional.

Our goal is to make repair of major household appliances available to all in order to achieve savings. You will learn that yes, it is possible to repair his home appliances yourself and you do not have to buy them at the slightest sore. All homes are equipped with many devices, it is a budget! And getting into major appliance repairs is a way to reduce those costs so you can enjoy life without having to change your microwave or washing machine every year!

The SOSav experts will assist you in this process through illustrated and commented repair guides. All the steps are detailed to show you how to replace the different components that can break down or break as you use them. With the right advice and a little patience, repairing major appliances will seem child's play!


Before embarking on the repair of major household appliances, it is important to identify the device. Most ranges of devices have similar disassembly. But, it is obvious that we do not disassemble a vacuum cleaner, a microwave or a washing machine in the same way. If it is easy to know the functionality of each device, it is essential to be able to determine the brand but also the exact model. This makes it possible to order the right electric household appliance parts. For if, for example, most washing machines disassemble on the same proceed and that the components have the same characteristics, they are not identical depending on brands and models. Most often, you will find the serial number and model number of your device on a label stuck directly on it, or on the manual. By looking at the model number, you will know where to turn to repair your major appliances in the best possible conditions, with the right parts.

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