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Home appliance repair

Repairing your home appliance must become a reflex! SOSav is committed to this fight against obsolescence programmed by your side! Many users mistakenly think that repairing your home appliance is too complex or too expensive compared to the price of a new appliance. But that's a misconception! By repairing your own devices everyday, it is possible to make real savings. You will save the labor of a household appliance repair or after-sales service but also on the purchase of a new machine. And thanks to SOSav, the electrical appliance repair is possible! Our technicians have made repair guides on small and large appliances to prove that it is possible to repair his vacuum cleaner, his coffee machine, his washing machine or his fridge! With the right advice and a little patience, you will not have to change your devices for the least trouble.
Home appliance repair

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Appliances are part of the everyday life of every home. Whether in the kitchen, in the bathroom or in the closet or all the rooms of the house, we are surrounded by appliances. From the refrigerator to the dishwasher, the coffee machine, the hood or the vacuum cleaner or the washing machine, so many devices that we can not do without everyday. Machines that weigh on everyone's budget, so why replace them instead of troubleshooting them? A reflex that you can now have with SOSav. You will see that home appliance repair is not only for professionals. The advantage? This is because you will be able to save a lot of money by not using the convenience stores or the after-sales service. No need to make an appointment and ask a day to wait for the repairer of the washing machine or to bring back and queue up at the SAV for a breakdown on his coffee machine. Especially that problems often occur after the 2-year manufacturer's warranty. In short, so much inconvenience that you can save yourself while saving money. Repairing your home appliance must become a reflex just as much for the good of your wallet as for the planet.

Because yes, we often forget but throw a home appliance that still works is pollute our environment in case it is not sent to conventional recycling circles. In short, at SOSav, we want to help you out of bad habits supported by planned obsolescence. Most failures are repairable, just take the time to identify them well and take his courage with both hands to get started in the home appliance repair. A challenge that SOSav technicians can help you with through illustrated and commented repair guides. We detail, step by step, how to replace the defective parts of your various devices to bring them back to life at a lower cost. So just a little patience and follow the recommendations of our experts to achieve it by yourself. From small to large appliances, SOSav is there to accompany throughout your troubleshooting since we assume that everything is repairable!


To correctly diagnose the failure of your device, it is important to know its model. While each appliance in a household appliance range often has components with similar characteristics, the parts are generally not interchangeable. Even within the same brand. It is therefore important to know what device it is before you start repairing household appliances. Identifying your device allows you to move towards the good repair tutorials that SOSav offer but also to the corresponding household electrical parts. To know the make and model of your device, it is most often necessary to look directly at it. The mark is usually visible on the front. For the model, there is often a label glued to a more discreet place (back, below or inside). Otherwise, there is always the option to look on his purchase invoice and / or the instructions for use. From the moment you have identified your device, you can get started in the repair appliances in peace.

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