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Sega has been present on the video game console market since the very beginning. Their first home video game consoles (Mastersystem & Megadrive) encountered fantastic success across the world. Unfortunately bad strategic decisions drove Sega to stop games console production in 2001, no longer selling or producing their consoles...

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Sega repair

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SEGA, the abbreviation of Service Games, is a company that was specialised in video games consoles, video games, and and arcade games. Until 2001 Sega produced and sold games consoles, but following the sales failure of their 2 latest home consoles (Sega Saturn and Dreamcast), the company drew back from this area of the market, focusing instead on video game production and arcade terminals.

Between 1983 and 2001 Sega sold 5 home video game consoles: the SG-1000, the Master System, the Mega Drive (Genesis), the Saturn, and the Dreamcast. Its largest success was the Mega Drive released in 1988, staying the leading console on the market for many years. After this success, Sega never produced another console that met the same level of fame. Sega also released the first portable console with a backlit screen in 1990, the GameGear. But this unfortunately didn't achieve the level of success expected.

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