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Since 1983, the release date of their first console, Nintendo has been a specialised company for video games and video games consoles. Nintendo is very well known for its portable consoles like the Game Boy or the Nintendo DS which are or were among the leaders in the portable console market.
Nintendo repair

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Nintendo was founded in 1889 in Japan, and was the first leading playing cards producer in Japan with their card game hanafuda. It's only from the beginning of the 1970's that Nintendo launched their video game universe, firstly by creating games for arcade terminals, then by collaborating with Magnavox to create the first multi-game home console in history, the Odyssey.

It was in 1983 that Nintendo made their real entrance onto the video game market, releasing the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). In this era Nintendo was completely without competition as Atari & Phillips couldn't sell their consoles as they were too expensive in comparison to the NES, so they recycled them as miniature computers. In 1985, Nintendo also released the game Super Mario Bros which would become the second most sold game in the world (second only to Wii Sport by Nintendo).

After some hard years due to the arrival of many new competitors, Nintendo came back on the console market from 2004 with their new portable console the Nintendo DS, then with their new home console the Wii, featuring a completely new interactive and familial gaming system.

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