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Repair guides for Xbox One X

Find on this page all guides for Xbox One X. Detailed and pictured steps, those tutorials will allow you to have a new Xbox One X.
Nonetheless if you still need help, don't hesitate to contact our technical service.
Guides and how-to for Xbox One X repair

Xbox One X presentation

The Xbox One X came out late 2017 and is posing as the most powerful console in the range Microsoft, alongside his little sister the Xbox One S. The first rumors called it the "Project Scorpio", which is the name of the integrated processor in the One X. It has an AMD processor 8 cores modified with a GPU of 40 computing units at 1172 MHz (6 teraflops) and 12 GB of RAM GDDR5 with a hard disk of 1TB. Features that make it the most powerful console on the market today, even against the PS4 Pro. With Xbox One X, compatible games are displayed in Ultra HD. The accessories of all generations Xbox One are compatible among them.

For Xbox One X repair , the steps are pretty similar to its older ones. We must first remove the upper shell to discover the bowels of the beast. It is possible to replace the hard disk, the USB port, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth cards, the power supply as well as the complete reader or just the lens. In short, repair its Xbox One X is as feasible as previous Microsoft consoles. It will not be very complicated thanks to our guides to give a second youth to your One X while waiting for the next generation of console. It remains easier to disassemble than the PS4.

Identification Xbox One X

Properly identifying your Xbox One X is essential before you begin the repair. It is much smaller than the first generation of Xbox One. Of a size relatively similar to the Xbox One S, it is distinguished by some physical elements:

  • Xbox One X is written on the back of the console, at the level of all the connectors;
  • Smooth surface (no ventilation visible on the top as on the One or the One S);
  • Reader slot integrated into the design of the front panel;
  • Front USB port on the right side.

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