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Game consoles repair

You can find detailed and illustrated repair guides in this section, allowing you to easily and quickly repair most of the common issues with your home gaming consoles, and your portable gaming consoles. If you can't find a guide for your device breakdown, don't hesitate to contact our technical services.
Game consoles  repair

4 brands for Game consoles


The first games console was the Odyssey, released in 1972. Before the veritable boom in the video game market and the battle between Sega and Nintendo, there was a huge crash in the gaming market in 1983. Over the course of many years, the historic leaders (Sega & Nintendo) were overtaken by Sony and Microsoft with the PlayStation and the Xbox.

The newest generations of games consoles (home and portable) have become the jewels of latest technology, being just as powerful as our computers in the office. They are capable of 3D game-play, with realistic and mind-boggling graphics.


So you can carry out your repair under the best conditions, you should first identify the brand and model of your games console. On most consoles the brand is clearly written on the front (both home and portable). Once you've identified the brand, you need to identify the model. On most gaming consoles, the model is written on the top just like the brand. If you're struggling to identify your console, don't hesitate to refer to our identification information on the console information pages, or to contact our technical team that point you in the right direction.

For repairs, games consoles are products that don't require a huge level of knowledge. It's, in fact, very rare to have to solder/desolder a part on the printed circuit, and most spare parts in consoles can be replaced by simply unscrewing them.

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