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Cameras repair

In this section, you'll find repair guides with detailed images and comments that will help you repair most breakdowns on your device by your hand, quickly and easily. If you can't find the guide for your repair, don't hesitate to contact out technical department.
Cameras repair

5 brands for Cameras


Digital cameras have a CCD or CMOS sensor in order to capture images and then save them, usually on a digital memory support like memory cards unlike "classic" photos that are saved physically on film or special film.

The new generations of camera today generally have extremely advanced functions, so you almost never miss out on a photo opportunity and taking pictures is much easier thanks to: light correction, integrated flash, fast image processor, high definition video mode, sometimes very powerful zooms, optical stabiliser, integrated accelerometer, etc.... This development is mostly thanks to the more and more common miniaturisation of key components (so even more can be added!).


To be able to carry out your repair under the best conditions, you should first identify the brand and model of your camera. The different brands and models of cameras are very easy to distinguish.

Camera manufacturers habitually put the logo of their brand on the front of cameras, or on the LCD screen display. For a lot of devices, there is a label on the underside that allows you to identify both the brand and the model of the camera at the same time. It's worth noting that most digital cameras today download information named "EXIF" in photo files. So identifying a camera via a photo is also possible using software.

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